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Aldersgate UMC Monday, September 2nd, 2013 01:13 PM

ProPresenter Tips requested
Hi, we have just recently purchased ProPresenter 5 and will be switching over from Media Shout. We have had stability issues for a long time with Media Shout crashing and have just not successfully worked through this. I have used Media Shout for 5 years and it appears that ProPresenter is completely different.

So at the ripe old age of 62, (meaning I have a slower brain and non technical now) I would like to request any tips or tricks that you would like to share with me about getting started.

We are PC based, two screens, stage screen and no video cameras. I project the same thing on both screens. we are upgrading our PC to Windows 7 and will then load ProPresenter onto it, but I currently have it at home to begin learning. Any tips and recommendations would be welcomed.
  1. Did anyone successfully move lyric files over?
  2. How about bible files, especially 1984 NIV since we can't get it any longer?
  3. what would be a reasonable about of time for three people to learn and train prior to using it the in worship service?
  4. should I leave Media Shout on the pc just in case? It seems my preference would be to NOT reload media shout when we update to Windows 7. Does anyone know if that matters or not?
Thanks friends in visual worship ministry!

katanna Monday, September 2nd, 2013 02:52 PM

1) There is really no good way to move lyric files over and personally I would recommend that you start fresh: every week create new songs only for the songs that you will sing that week making your library grow over time. Importing only a few songs a week means that you can focus on the details of those songs, IE: making sure that they fit your design guidelines, there aren't any typos or spelling/grammar mistakes, and any additional ProPresenter features like Arrangements will be done throughly. Compare this to mass-importing slides where typos and other mistakes will be glossed over and ProPresenter features will be ignored. I think in the long run it is a bit more work but produces a much better end product if you insert them slowly over time.

2) Due to copyrights all Bible versions must be purchased from within ProPresenter (either $15 or free, depending on the edition); thing is the publisher of the 1984 NIV has blocked it from being purchased (which is just plain silly if you ask me). I don't know if there are any online resources that let you search and copy text from that edition to paste it into ProPresenter, but I am sure that they are out there. (You might even be able to find software that has this feature.) If you can't find an easy way to search-and-copy the text you will either have to type it in by hand or just use the 2011 NIV (which is very close to the original).

3) The answer to that is dependent on your setup. If ProPresenter will be 100% set up before Sunday morning (which is easy to do) then all a volunteer has to do is spacebar through it, training done*. If you are training people on how to prepare ProPresenter for Sunday Morning, well that takes a bit more time. In my opinion the easy part is learning the software, you can do this by having everyone watch the videos on the tutorial site and having them download the free trial and play around with the program at home even before you make the move in the church. The more difficult (IMO) part of training people to prepare the worship slides is getting uniformity, IE: having everyone follow the same process to create a consistent end result. I am fairly OCD about making everything in the same font, same font size, same punctuation style (periods at the end of lines?), etc. That is why I personally prefer to have one person create the worship slides every week and have it ready for the volunteers to run on Sunday.

*ALL of that having been said: It isn't a bad idea for volunteers to watch some of the online training in case something goes wrong or a change needs to be made.

4) Seams to me like the only reason you would reinstall MS is as a security blanket. If you are worried about your transition then you can install it, else it would be fine if you left it off.

Let me know if you have any questions! I have been using ProPresenter since 2009 and humbly call myself a ProPresenter Pro User. I can walk you through any issues you have, so DM me if you need anything.


Aldersgate UMC Sunday, September 8th, 2013 08:14 AM

ProPresenter tips
Thank you so very much for taking the time you did. I am excited to begin, we have it purchased and will begin the end of this month.

Your reply has helped me to solidify my thoughts to start fresh with all lyric files. I love the version feature for lyrics as our groups do tend to sing things just a big different and that was difficult to keep track of in Media Shout.

I'll be in touch if I get stumped. The tutorials are helpful and am looking forward to setting up the stage screen option.


csheffer Thursday, September 19th, 2013 09:38 AM

Our church just recently made the switch from EW to PP5 and we are much in the same boat just training volunteers. I've had the program at home for several months now, so I've been working on building the library back one song at a time... and I must say coupled with Planning Center online this process is fairly simple and easy. We also use DropBox for our tech teams.

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