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Audio Monitors & Systems Stage monitors, In-Ear monitors, Close-field monitors, etc.

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Old Friday, September 8th, 2006, 12:20 PM

Yell need a small monitor speaker for nursery room

We're in the final stages of building a new church facility, and I need to install a small speaker for the nursery area to use so they can listen to the services, but it needs to have a volume control on it. In our old (current) church, the nursery is a long way from the sound equipment/amp, etc., and we just used a small speaker there, but it never really worked very well. In the new facility, the nursery wall where we want to locate the speaker is probably about 50-60 feet from the mixer board (maybe a bit more considering running the wires up through the walls, etc.). We have a wire run for it, but I'd like to have a suggestion as to what kind of speaker, where to get one, and/or whatever other recommendations you might suggest.

Thank you ahead of time!

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Old Friday, September 8th, 2006, 12:44 PM
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If you want a low-cost solution try just a pair of computer speakers from Wal-mart. Another option would be to try and use a pair of powered studio monitors. They'll give you better sound quality and they're self-powered so all you'd need to do is run the line you'd be feeding them with. Plus most of them have volume controls. You can take a look at some of the M-audio one's here.|0&g=r ec&page=1 You could always look into in-ceiling/wall speakers too but for a quick and easy solution this is the way I'd go.
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Old Friday, September 15th, 2006, 12:45 PM
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If you have a 70v system (ceiling speakers in hallways and bathrooms), you can tap off of that with an inexpensive "speaker in a box with a volume control on the box". Soundolier makes a couple (one being the WD4177K): not spectacular sound, but hey, it's under $40.

If you have a wireless sound enhancement system (Williams Sound, Listen, Telex, etc), you can often add a wireless receiver with amplifier and volume control.

You said you ran a wire:

* if that's a speaker wire, you'll want to hook this up to your 70v system, not your main or monitor speaker system.

* If that's a balanced cable (like mic cable), then you can hook up most any self-powered speaker, or pair of speakers, but you'll want to use a balanced input. Anchor's AN1000 works well (, but it's a few hundred bucks, and more power than you need; the Fender 1270p ( is around $130 and has a balanced input, but it's a floor wedge.

You can cheat and use a box in the nursery to convert the balanced signal to an unbalanced signal, which lets you use a powered speaker with an unbalanced input (like the Anchor AN130 around $150 []). An inexpensive direct box run backwards works for that purpose; there are competent ones for around $30.

If you've pulled unbalanced cable (like guitar cable), you probably want to replace it with a balanced signal; you're likely to end up with lots of hum and buzz and other distracting noises.

Sorry, that got longer than I expected.
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  The Church Media Community > Audio > Audio Monitors & Systems

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